Treated Salt for Ontario & Michigan

A premium salt pre-treated with liquid magnesium chloride and a viscosity modifier that keeps salt from bouncing off the road or blowing away in the wind. The result is fewer application trips along with lower fuel and labor costs.

Thawrox TM lasts longer and works in colder temperatures (to -30 C/ -22 F).

Benefits of Thawrox

  • Reduces bounce and scatter – 95% stays in the targeted application area
  • Good adhesion to roadway with continuing residual effects
  • Reduces fuel and labor costs
  • Works in cold temperatures (5˚F / -15˚C)
  • Less wind-borne loss of finer salt
  • Treated salt delivery available to Ontario & Michigan

Treated Salt Delivery

Our treated salt is available for delivery throughout Ontario and Michigan, or collection from our warehouse.

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