Landscapers Choice Salt for Ontario & Michigan

The Kissner Group provide North America with leading ice melt and salt based deicer products. We provide Landscapers choice as well as other Kissner deicer products.

Landscapers Choice Benefits

  • Landscaper’s Choice® – with CMA
  • Contains anti-corrosion formula (CMA)
  • Anti-corrosion agents reduce damage to vehicles and other metal surfaces
  • Less harmful to grass, trees, or other vegetation
  • Reduced damage to wood and concrete
  • Less damage to leather or footwear
  • Less harmful to carpets and floors
  • Ice Melt designed to reduce tracking and residue problems
  • Does not irritate skin
  • Variety of packaging types and sizes available
  • Landscapers choice salt delivery available to Ontario & Michigan

Landscapers Choice Delivery

Landscapers Choice salt is available for delivery throughout Ontario and Michigan, or collection from our warehouse.

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