Rock Salt for Ontario & Michigan

Rock Salt also referred to as ‘Bulk Salt’ or ‘Road Salt’ has a, “dry” density of approx. 1.28 tonnes/cu.metre, and a “wet” density of approximately 1.44 tonnes per cubic metre. These figures are only a guide, because the density will depend upon the source of the salt, the grading and the moisture content.

You will get notice a major improvement in grip for vehicle wheels when using rock salt below minus 9 degrees centigrade from the physical action of the gritty nature of the salt improving friction, but not until the temperature rises above -9 degrees centigrade (roughly) will the ice/snow will start to melt.

Rates Of Spread

The following rates are a GUIDE to salting, the actual rate will depend upon the road conditions, residual salinity, and severity of predicted weather conditions.

  • Frost or ice after dry conditions – 10-15 grammes/sq. metre
  • Frost or ice after rainfall/wet conditions – 20-40 grammes/sq. metre
  • Snowfall… 20-40 grams/sq. metre

Rock Salt Delivery

Rock salt is available for delivery throughout Ontario and Michigan, or collection from our warehouse.

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