Rock & Bulk Salt Delivery to Ontario & Michigan.

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Salt & Deicer Products Delivered to Ontario & Michigan

We supply bulk and bagged road salt throughout Ontario and Michigan.
If you are in need of a fast and reliable salt supplier, trust Preferred Salt to supply the quality salt products that you require promptly.

Why Preferred Salt?

We Deliver

With bulk salt delivery available throughout Ontario & Michigan, we are able to ship road salt to our customers promptly. We welcome last minute salt orders.

Quality Salt

Our road salt products are stored indoors within our enclosed warehouse, ensuring outstanding quality for all of our salt products, with no unwanted moisture.


We are a family owned and operated bulk salt supplier. With over 10 years of experience, we continuously strive to improve our customers experience.


We take pride in customer satisfaction. Our customers trust us to provide the driest road salt, as we continuously work to ensure the quality of our salt products.

Call For Quality Salt & Deicer ProductsDelivering salt products to Ontario & Michigan.