Ice Patrol Salt for Ontario & Michigan

When Winter Strikes – Be Ready With Ice Patrol Salt

This product is an economical option that has been engineered to effectively melt ice and snow. Spread the product and watch while the smaller crystals melt the snow immediately and larger crystals provide a high degree of traction.

Our Rock salt is a highly efficient and cost effective product for melting ice and snow.  Smaller crystals melt on contact, while larger crystals provide longevity and instant traction.

Ice Patrol Benefits

  • Fast acting salt
  • Creates the desired reaction to initiate quick de-icing and meltdown
  • Safer to handle
  • Easy to use. No protective clothing necessary.
  • Environmentally formulated
  • Nature’s own ingredients are combined to preserve vegetation and plant life
  • Less damage to concrete
  • Reduced damage to concrete makes this one of the safest ice melters
  • Non-tracking salt
  • Ice Patrol salt will not harm carpets and floors
  • Will not damage leather or footwear
  • Ice Patrol salt delivery available to Ontario & Michigan

Ice Patrol Delivery

Ice Patrol salt is available for delivery throughout Ontario and Michigan, or collection from our warehouse.

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